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4 Free Photo Management Software for Windows

For Windows, there are quite a few options when you are looking for free software to help you organize your photos. However, these free tools, while quite capable, they are limited in features. And there is not one tools that has all the features I am looking for, so I tend to use more than one to accomplish what I need in the most efficient way.

4 Fundamental Differences Between Picasa and Lightroom

Choosing the right software for managing your digital photos is very important because you spend a lot of time with this tool. These days, with so many digital photos and videos on our computers, the task of managing all this digital media has become very complex. So having a good tool is very important for every photographer. Google’s Picasa and Adobe’s Lightroom have become the two main choices of programs for most photographers. While there are similarities between the two, both Picasa and Lightroom are very different as well. Read on about four fundamental differences between the two most popular digital asset management tools.

3 fundamental similarities between Picasa and Lightroom

I have read a lot of debate on the internet about how much better Lightroom is than Picasa. I also read how much easier to use Picasa is compared with Lightroom. What I do not read however is how similar these two popular products are. I am not talking about how they look and their different image editing features, but I am referring to the way both of these programs have been built, their foundation if you will. When looking closely at these core functions, both Picasa and Lightroom are more similar than most people think. Read on to understand how these programs are similar.

Everything You Need to Know About Picasa Metadata

Image metadata has been around for a long time. Standards for image metadata however have been trying to keep pace with consumers’ appetite for digital content. As a consequence, image metadata standards have been in flux for a while. It has been very difficult for software makers to adapt both to new standards and customer demands as the two are almost always out of sync.

How to Use Face Detection Efficiently in Picasa

Picasa has many practical features but one feature is ahead of its time: face detection. Google has a very practical purpose for using face detection in Picasa, but people are very divided over using this feature. It seems cool and futuristic, and it can work well on a reasonable amount of pictures, but for some people it is cumbersome to use and can slow down your computer. If you still use Picasa, read on to see how and when to use face detection efficiently.

One step required for an awesome image search with Picasa

One main reason why you would spend the time and effort to create an efficient context for your digital photos is to be able to search for them. Search results and image metadata go hand in hand. In other words, you can’t have meaningful image search results if your pictures don’t have meaningful image metadata. As I have written before, creating a meaningful image context can be done in layers since not everyone has time to do all three layers. So, even if you create only meaningful folder names for your digital pictures, Picasa can still find your pictures quickly. Searching in Picasa is one of my favorite features. Read on to see how you search for pictures with Picasa.

Easy steps for emailing your favorite pictures with Picasa

E-mailing your favorite pictures is still a difficult task even today with so many programs that claim to organize your pictures. The reason it is difficult is pretty simple: in order to be able to send pictures by email you have to reduce their size and add them as attachments to the email. This task is somewhat simple if you only want to send one picture. However, if you want to send multiple pictures it gets very tedious and most people just don’t do it. Others send multiple emails containing their huge image files. In Picasa, however, it is very easy to send emails with your favorite pictures if you learn how to set it up.

8 Easy Steps to Eliminate Duplicate Photos

We take so many photos these days and we have so many ways to publish our pictures that we are bound to end up with duplicate photos. Modern photo editing software programs make it very easy to edit our photos but in the process we can create duplicates of our images. With so many photos it is very hard to remember what we do and this can bring confusion when we look at our photos on our computers. We can end up with lots of duplicate photos. Fortunately, I found a few simple steps to avoid and eliminate duplicate photos. Read on to find out how you can also avoid and eliminate duplicate photos on your computer.

How to Create New Folder in Picasa

Picasa is becoming more and more popular with home photographers. It’s a great program, with great features which also happens to be completely free. However, one question keeps coming from Picasa users. This is by far the most frequent question about Picasa. This question is: “How do I create a new folder in Picasa?” Read on to find out.

How does Picasa handle folder changes done outside of Picasa

If you have been using Picasa for a while you have probably noticed that it scans your computer every time you add new pictures. Depending on how many pictures you have added, Picasa takes some time until you can access and modify the new pictures in Picasa. I have recently received a question from a reader asking if he has to reinstall Picasa if he changes the entire folder structure of his pictures collection. The answer is very simple, so read on to find out.