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How to export your best pictures with Picasa

How often do you post images to Facebook? How about sending them by e-mail to your friends? Or maybe you want to publish pictures on the web. Regardless of your purpose, the ability to select your best pictures and export them in different formats for different purposes is crucial to any digital asset management tool. Picasa provides this functionality as well but has kept things simple which makes the whole process very fast. Combined with an intuitive way of selecting your best pictures, the export facility in Picasa makes it very fast and easy to select and send your best pictures. Read on to learn how to export your pictures with Picasa.

Select and group your best pictures in 2 simple steps with Picasa

Ever since digital photography has replaced film photography, we have too many pictures, and many of them are not great pictures. Therefore, it is very important to be able to select and group the best pictures out of many pictures. Picasa makes it very easy to accomplish this. Read on to learn out how to select and group your best pictures using Picasa.

Transfer your pictures with Picasa in 3 simple steps

Besides being fast and easy to use, Picasa also can make your life easier when it comes to transferring your pictures from your camera to your computer. When setup correctly, Picasa can place your transferred pictures where you want them and also organize them how you want them. This can be a real time saver on such a repetitive and mundane task as transferring your digital pictures from your camera to computer. Read on to find out how to make transferring your pictures as painless as possible by configuring Picasa to help you.

3 simple settings for improving your Picasa experience

Picasa is a powerful program that provides lots of ways to customize your experience making it suitable for your specific needs. By learning how to change working parameters for your Picasa installation, you can use Picasa the way you want to. You can not only make Picasa work faster, but you can also learn how to configure it so that Picasa provides greater convenience on the most common tasks. Today’s article will focus on three simple Picasa settings that will help you see your image folders, import your pictures more conveniently and identify your pictures easier.

3 simple ways to speed up Picasa

Picasa is a great digital asset management software. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have struggled with Picasa over the years. I have installed it many times only to uninstall it days later. This has all changed recently when they have released version 3.8, when Picasa started supporting the XMP standard regarding image metadata. XMP coupled with the correct integration of IPTC image tags in addition to beautiful support for EXIF geotagging, determined me to start using Picasa again. And this time I have not uninstalled it. Now that I am a dedicated Picasa user, I will start sharing a few tips for making Picasa do what you want. In this article I will be sharing a few simple tips for making Picasa run faster.

How to choose the right software for organizing your pictures

I get asked pretty often what is the right software for organizing pictures. I usually answer with: it depends. It truly does depend. It depends on what you are are hoping to achieve. I tend to recommend free software first, depending how far the person has gone on the picture organization path. If specific commercial goals are in mind, then I recommend powerful commercial software that go beyond what a home user needs. So, what is the right software for organizing your pictures? Read on to find out how I think about this issue.

Picasa is making small but steady steps to becoming an excellent photo management software system

Picasa logoMy experience with Picasa has been very inconsistent over the years. I believe I have installed and uninstalled Picasa at least five or six times that I remember. Most of the times, I have uninstalled Picasa because I hated how it handled my physical file folder…it was just frustrating to not be able to directly see my file folders the way they were laid out on my hard drive. Recently however, Picasa has made several steps the pretty much removed all my frustrations with the product. Lately I have installed Picasa again and this time it seem like it will stay…at least for a while. Read on to find out what I like about the new version of Picasa.

What’s really cool in Picasa 3.5

Picasa has recently released version 3.5 according to the Picasa blog. They have not updated everyone yet, meaning that when you open up Picasa, it would not prompt you to update. However, you can download the new version if you want. I did that yesterday and played with some of the new features. I believe the new version has some cool new things and some that…well, I’m not sure.

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