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Tutorial 10 – How to make your images popular on the Internet

Search engine optimization has to do with making your website content popular on the Internet. This means pretty much that you have lots of visitors coming to your site. Most often your website traffic has to do with ranking well in search engine results. So, what can you do to optimize your photography website for search engines? Or in other words, how to do you make your pictures popular on the Internet?

Increase your website traffic for free

web site traffic going up thumbnailI decided to run a small project and provide some SEO advice for free. If you would like me to review your site and give you feedback as to how to optimize your site, then put your website address in the box at the right and submit it. This page is the only place on the site where you can sign up. If you want to get more traffic for your site you can see more details and sign up.

Write a photo blog and make your pictures famous

A photo blog is a diary with picturesOver the years I have accumulated many travel pictures that I wanted to share on the internet. It was pretty easy to get my pictures published on the internet at first, but then I noticed that hardly anyone was finding my pictures on the internet. Even though I didn’t know anything about SEO or page ranking, I realized pretty quickly that having the pictures published on the internet and having people actually come visit my site are two entirely different things.

Adding the right text in the right place will make your pictures visible on the Internet

make your images visibleSince there are so many photographers and photography websites it is very hard to get your pictures noticed on the internet. You may really be a very talented and experienced photographer and you may indeed have many great pictures. But how to you get the word out on the internet? How do you get your pictures noticed? What do you do to have your pictures show up in an internet search like Google, Yahoo or Bing? Fortunately there are some steps that you can take so that your pictures become “visible”. Read on and see what I have found out about making my pictures “visible” on the internet.

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