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How to ensure your scheduled backup is working under Windows 10

Like many of you, I have upgraded recently to Windows 10, since the upgrade is free for the first year. Soon after however, I have noticed that my nightly photo and media backup has stopped working. Since backing up my photos automatically is crucial for my peace of mind I became concerned because my backup software (SyncBack) kept showing error in the backup status. So, I started investigating…and found the answer.

6 Easy Steps to Backup Digital Photos using SyncBack Freeware

Finally I get to write about setting up a simple backup plan for your digital pictures. Last week I have written about the things that you need in order to be able to backup your pictures. So, assuming that you have an extra hard disk (internal or external) you can start backing up your digital pictures. In this article I will explain how I backup my pictures using SyncBack Freeware software.