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Organize your hobby photos with two simple steps

Many of us have hobbies that bring pleasure and satisfaction to our lives. Whether is gardening, classic cars, sports or quilting, hobbies take our time and effort but give us lots of satisfaction. Because we are very involved in our hobbies, we love taking pictures for our hobbies. We collect digital photos from everywhere, and we take many photos ourselves. You might have thousands of digital photos about your hobby, but how do you organize your hobby photos? How do you keep all these photos organized and separate from your other photos? Read on to find out how to organize your hobby photos.

How to select your best pictures

Selecting the best pictures from a set of digital pictures is one of the most common tasks for a digital photographer. This used to be the case even during the film era. Sometimes you would just print one copy of each picture in a roll of film and then you would physically select the best pictures to put in your photo album. The rest would end up in some envelope in a shoebox that would start collecting dust. Well, this happens in the digital world as well, except for…the dust. But how do you select your best pictures efficiently in a digital world?

A novel approach to organizing your pictures?

As you know, I keep looking for simple solutions for organizing my digital pictures. Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Andrea D’Intino about his company’s product called Tabbles. Tabbles provides an innovative approach to organizing all the files on your computer, not only your pictures. I’m hoping to be able to provide a full review of this product, but for now you can read my interview with Andrea where he describes his own company’s product.

Efficient image tagging techniques or how to create a controlled vocabulary

If you have been using image tags for a while, the topic of managing your keywords is very relevant. If you’re new however, to image keywords, then this topic might not seem necessary, at least not now. However, after applying keywords to your images without any strategy, you will end up having a pile of keywords that you can’t sort out. Just like folders can become unusable if not named and organized correctly, keywords too can become unusable if not maintained properly. In order to avoid this problem you need to create efficient keywords, or in other words, you need a controlled vocabulary. But how do you create a controlled vocabulary? Read on to find out.

Tutorial 1 – Understand the issues

Why is organizing digital pictures so challenging and confusing ? Is there something fundamentally wrong with the way I’m organizing my pictures? Well, these might be some of the questions you may be asking yourself. This page is a shortcut to an important series of articles I have written. This series deals with explaining the fundamental issues that all digital photographers face when they try to organize their pictures. Well, read these articles to find out…and let me know what you think.

How to Start Organizing Digital Photos

When learning something new the first steps are always the hardest and the most important. In order to accomplish something, you have to start somewhere. This is also the case when it comes to learning how to organize your pictures. I can talk a lot about efficient folder structures, image metadata, IPTC, XMP and other things like this. But many times I people simply ask me: how do I start organizing my pictures? I think that’s a great question.

What is the future of image metadata?

Last week I published the first part of the interview I conducted with Hans Fremuth from Metability Software about image metadata. In this section Hans talked about the current state of the image metadata standard development and in particular about the XMP standard developed by Adobe. In addition, Hans provides insight into how he organizes his own pictures on his computer. This article is the second part of the interview.

What’s really cool in Picasa 3.5

Picasa has recently released version 3.5 according to the Picasa blog. They have not updated everyone yet, meaning that when you open up Picasa, it would not prompt you to update. However, you can download the new version if you want. I did that yesterday and played with some of the new features. I believe the new version has some cool new things and some that…well, I’m not sure.

Why organizing photo folders will remain the most important step you do

Last month I have created a survey among the readers of OrganizePictures.com. The question was very simple: Do you use folders or tags? The answers were pretty much split in the middle. Half of those who answered responded that they use only folders for organizing their pictures, while half of them were using a combination of folders and tags for organizing their pictures. Only two people said they’re only using tags for organizing their pictures. One of the conclusions of this survey is that image organization just with folders is very popular. I was not surprised by this conclusion because of several reasons.