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How to define an efficient photography workflow

It is my belief that while there are general steps in a photographer’s workflow, each photographer will have his/her own workflow customised to fit his or her purpose. That being said, I also believe that there a few questions that each photographer should ask when contemplating changes to their photography workflow. I don’t know about you, but it has happened to me a few times when I read about someone else’s photography workflow and I just quickly adapted it only to find out later that it’s not working that great for me. This forced me to ask some really simple questions before changing anything.

Is there a perfect photography workflow ?

Workflow is a new buzz word that appears everywhere from making cars to mowing your lawn. Photographers also love to talk about their perfect photography workflow and how their workflow is more efficient than another workflow. In this article I want to take a step back and look at what a perfect photography workflow

Who is organizing your pictures?

You’re probably not aware that there is somewhat of a battle when it comes to picture organization. Software manufacturers claim that their programs will organize and categorize your pictures with a click of the mouse…and even without any clicks. All you have to do is take lots of pictures and let their software organize them. While there is some truth to their claims, the truth is that most of it is only marketing hype.

Best way to organize baby photos

If your criterion for organizing pictures is events and you have a baby, you will soon discover that your folder structure doesn’t support baby pictures well. If I want to use “events” as the criterion, then all my baby pictures folders would read something like 06_06_15-home or 06_06_17-park . I would have hundreds of folders like that in the first year for my daughter. This doesn’t really make much sense and would create lots of problems when trying to look for specific pictures.

3 options backing up digital photos

If you have a high resolution camera (more than 6 megapixels) you will fill up many memory cards. Your pictures will look great but your hard drive will fill up very fast. So, as I have said in my previous post…you have to have a backup plan. In this post I will outline the important things you need in order to be able to safely and consistently backup your data.

Who’s organizing your pictures – You or Software?

There are two main approaches to organizing your pictures. The first one is done by you, the user, using the folders structure managed by your Operating System (OS). The second one is done by some piece of software that arranges your pictures automatically (i.e Picasa). This debate is quite old and I don’t understand why it keeps going. One reason is users who are afraid of their computers and they believe all the claims of software producers…”automatically sort your pictures”, “find your pictures immediately with one click” and other similar claims. Well, I’ll try to clarify the debate.

5 Reasons I Backup Digital Photos Everyday

Do you really need to backup your pictures? The simple answer is YES! I’m hoping to explain why backing up your pictures is so important. Before I bought my first digital camera did I ever worry about backing up my photos? Of course not…I printed all of them and kept the negatives and that was my backup…no need to worry. The thought never went through my mind !

When did I take that picture?

If you’re like most people, you would rely on your memory to figure out when you took a particular picture. Well, I think it was in June sometime because we went to the park that day and I remember those boats in the background. Ok…it’s a combination of some clues in the picture and your memory, but the latter being the definitive authority on remembering things.

Understand the problem with E-mailing pictures

If you’re not that tech savvy, you’ve probably been frustrated by how long it takes to send an email with pictures attached to it. All your other emails seem to work very fast, but when you attach a few pictures it takes forever to send the email. And you might also get some complaints from the people that receive them…that it takes so long for them to download your emails.

Find and organize lost pictures in 2 easy steps

This article outlines the steps for identifying pictures that have been misplaced on your hard drive. Many times I get pictures through our emails or from the web. It happens very often that I place these pictures in My Documents just because I want to look at them quickly and I don’t want to file them in the proper folder. After a while however, I end up with quite a few pictures being “lost” in the wrong places. This article will help you find them and identify them so you can move them to the appropriate folders. It is assumed that you are able to see the Date Picture Taken in your file browser. If not read the article Find Pictures.

What is the solution for organizing your pictures?

picturesThe fundamental problem with organizing digital pictures is quantity…there are simply too many pictures we have to organize. Unless you use an efficient and consistent method for organizing your pictures you will very soon be overwhelmed by the large quantity of pictures you are taking. This is all great, but what is the solution to this picture organization problem? How do I organize my pictures? Well, let me give you a bird’s eye view of the solution to organizing your digital pictures effectively.

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