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Two more ways to learn how to organize your pictures

I was planning to write a book for a long time but it was not easy to put everything together and edit the content so that it is clear and easy to follow. Well, after many weeks of work, I was able to put it together in a beautiful PDF document that has bookmarks for easy navigation. Now, you’re the judge if it’s clear and easy to follow.

100 articles in three years for

Today is an important day for I am writing article number 100. For those of you who know about blogging, you know that 100 articles is an important milestone. I have been writing for for over three years now which means I have been able to write close to three articles per month.

Write a photo blog and make your pictures famous

Over the years I have accumulated many travel pictures that I wanted to share on the internet. It was pretty easy to get my pictures published on the internet at first, but then I noticed that hardly anyone was finding my pictures on the internet. Even though I didn’t know anything about SEO or page ranking, I realized pretty quickly that having the pictures published on the internet and having people actually come visit my site are two entirely different things.

Adding the right text in the right place will make your pictures visible on the Internet

Since there are so many photographers and photography websites it is very hard to get your pictures noticed on the internet. You may really be a very talented and experienced photographer and you may indeed have many great pictures. But how to you get the word out on the internet? How do you get your pictures noticed? What do you do to have your pictures show up in an internet search like Google, Yahoo or Bing? Fortunately there are some steps that you can take so that your pictures become “visible”. Read on and see what I have found out about making my pictures “visible” on the internet.

What is a photoblog good for ?

I have argued in my previous article about simple marketing for photographers, that a simple website specific to your photography niche can be very powerful, even more powerful than a full fledged photoblog. That being said…what is a photoblog good for then? Well, I don’t believe a photoblog is suited for every kind of website, but it can be very well suited for certain web sites. Read along to find three ways to successfully use a photoblog.

How to turn a simple website into a powerful marketing tool for your pictures.

I find many good photographers on the web. I love browsing through Flickr because I see lots of great pictures; there are some great photographers on Flickr! Sometimes I think that they’re making lots of money with their great pictures but when I research a little more I find out that they probably don’t. On the other hand on Flickr I find other good photographers that actually make money from their pictures. What is the difference between these two groups of photographers? While the quality of their pictures is certainly a factor there is another simple difference: publicity…or in other words…marketing.