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What are iPhone Live Photos and Should You Use Them?

Since 2015, along with the release of the iPhone 6S, Apple introduced Live Photos as a major feature. Ever since its introduction, Live Photos has had a mixed audience, with many people liking iPhone Live Photos while others have figured out how to turn off Live Photos and never used them. In this article we will explore iPhone Live Photos and the pros and cons of using Live Photos on your iPhone.

4 important camera settings that will greatly help you keep your digital photos organized

Most people think that shooting photos doesn’t have anything to do with being able to organize your digital photos effectively. However, I found that there are a few important settings you can make on your camera which will help you greatly once you transfer those beautiful photos to your computer. If you miss them, on the other hand, your task to keep your photos organized will become more difficult. Read on about three camera settings that can help you keep your photos organized.

How to find the best replacement for DSLR kit lens

When I purchased my Canon T2i some years ago, I assumed that I would have to replace the kit lens that came with it. I just assumed. This article comes from an unexpectedly painful experience in which I have attempted to replace my kit lens for my Canon T2i. I have always assumed that my Canon DSLR kit lens is mediocre at best, if not terrible.

Finally I got the camera I was dreaming about

What was my dream camera? It was a Canon T2i or what’s called in Europe Canon EOS 550D. Last week, after about one year of waiting to save the money, my dream has become a reality and I am the proud owner of this brand new Canon T2i digital camera. How is this camera? Is it really as good as it’s hyped up to be? Find out what I like and what I don’t like about this camera.

Rechargeable Batteries – beware of the drain!

I have just written about what a big difference good rechargeable batteries make on the road. You can’t compare regular alkaline batteries with good rechargeable batteries. There’s no comparison. When I use good rechargeable batteries I can actually enjoy taking pictures without having to worry about my batteries dying.

2 reasons why you would want an optical viewfinder in your next camera

An Optical Viewfinder is just a piece of plastic or glass that allows your frame your picture. It usually sits on top of your camera and doesn’t require any battery to operate. More and more new digital cameras have removed their optical viewfinder. New compact digital cameras have a larger display (digital viewfinder) and no optical viewfinder. The sub-compact cameras have all renounced the optical viewfinder. This is disappointing.

5 Simple Steps to Optimize Camera

This article contains a few tips for making the most of your digital camera. This page doesn’t provide advice on how to take better pictures (there are plenty of sites for that), but rather how to use features common to most digital cameras. I do not intend to provide user manuals for all digital cameras…so please don’t expect a long list with camera manufacturer and camera types. I am describing tips that would apply to all (almost) digital cameras. These tips are simplistic in nature but very useful.