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Easy steps for emailing your favorite pictures with Picasa

E-mailing your favorite pictures is still a difficult task even today with so many programs that claim to organize your pictures. The reason it is difficult is pretty simple: in order to be able to send pictures by email you have to reduce their size and add them as attachments to the email. This task is somewhat simple if you only want to send one picture. However, if you want to send multiple pictures it gets very tedious and most people just don’t do it. Others send multiple emails containing their huge image files. In Picasa, however, it is very easy to send emails with your favorite pictures if you learn how to set it up.

How to export your best pictures with Picasa

How often do you post images to Facebook? How about sending them by e-mail to your friends? Or maybe you want to publish pictures on the web. Regardless of your purpose, the ability to select your best pictures and export them in different formats for different purposes is crucial to any digital asset management tool. Picasa provides this functionality as well but has kept things simple which makes the whole process very fast. Combined with an intuitive way of selecting your best pictures, the export facility in Picasa makes it very fast and easy to select and send your best pictures. Read on to learn how to export your pictures with Picasa.

Select and group your best pictures in 2 simple steps with Picasa

Ever since digital photography has replaced film photography, we have too many pictures, and many of them are not great pictures. Therefore, it is very important to be able to select and group the best pictures out of many pictures. Picasa makes it very easy to accomplish this. Read on to learn out how to select and group your best pictures using Picasa.

Learn how to send pictures by e-mail in 4 easy steps

I am still surprised when I get pictures as attachments in e-mails that I receive. The surprise is that I see humongous file sizes like 3 or 4 Mb. It is obvious to me that those who send me these pictures are sending full size images. Even using DSL, if I have six or seven of these pictures it still takes a while for me to download them and see them. In addition, I am sure that it takes the sender a lot longer to send the email since the upload speeds are much lower than the download speeds on any internet connection. So, how are we to e-mail pictures as attachments? Why is it still difficult? Well, read on.

Understand the problem with E-mailing pictures

If you’re not that tech savvy, you’ve probably been frustrated by how long it takes to send an email with pictures attached to it. All your other emails seem to work very fast, but when you attach a few pictures it takes forever to send the email. And you might also get some complaints from the people that receive them…that it takes so long for them to download your emails.

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