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How to turn a simple website into a powerful marketing tool for your pictures.

I find many good photographers on the web. I love browsing through Flickr because I see lots of great pictures; there are some great photographers on Flickr! Sometimes I think that they’re making lots of money with their great pictures but when I research a little more I find out that they probably don’t. On the other hand on Flickr I find other good photographers that actually make money from their pictures. What is the difference between these two groups of photographers? While the quality of their pictures is certainly a factor there is another simple difference: publicity…or in other words…marketing.

How to publish online photo galleries

In my previous article about publishing online photo galleries, I have addressed the two major solutions available for hosting your photo galleries on your own web site. The first solution that I have talked about was to use gallery generation software that will produce all the files necessary for publishing your gallery. This article will explore some of the implementations that are available for this solution.

Host your photo galleries on your own web site.

This article is the third in the series I have started regarding publishing pictures online. So far, we have talked about two fundamental questions to be asked before publishing any pictures online, and last article dealt with the first and easiest option namely, using an online picture sharing library. In this article I will discuss publishing your picture galleries on your own website.

Use an online image sharing library to publish your pictures online

In my first article in the series about publishing pictures on line, I have written about asking and answering two fundamental questions before publishing your pictures online. But what do you do next, what do you do after you answer these questions? This article will analyze the pros and cons of using an online sharing library for publishing your pictures online.

2 Questions you must ask before publishing your pictures online

I have written articles that deal with organizing the pictures on your hard drive using efficient folder names. But how about the photo galleries that you publish online for family or customers to see? I also maintain a travel blog where I publish some of my travel pictures and I believe there are many of you who publish some of your pictures online. Today I’m starting a series of articles about the different options available for publishing pictures online. This article will address two fundamental questions that need to be answered before publishing pictures online.

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