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How to Find Digital Photos When You Need Them

Being able to find your specific digital photos when you need them is the “make it or break it” test of any digital media organization system. Retrieving your photos is one of main goals of organizing your photos, and this is where your digital photo organization system. If we have done things the right way, we are now coming to reap the benefits of all of our efforts done for organizing our digital media collection. All those folders, keywords, face tags and geo-tags are finally coming in very handy. Read on to see how.

One step required for an awesome image search with Picasa

One main reason why you would spend the time and effort to create an efficient context for your digital photos is to be able to search for them. Search results and image metadata go hand in hand. In other words, you can’t have meaningful image search results if your pictures don’t have meaningful image metadata. As I have written before, creating a meaningful image context can be done in layers since not everyone has time to do all three layers. So, even if you create only meaningful folder names for your digital pictures, Picasa can still find your pictures quickly. Searching in Picasa is one of my favorite features. Read on to see how you search for pictures with Picasa.

2 simple examples of using image geotags

Yeah, image geotags are cool, they’re the latest buzz…but who cares? Should you really care just because everyone else cares? Well, it takes a lot of time to create image geotags and put them in your images, then some sharing sites may use them while others may not…so what’s the use? In this article I’ll show you two of my own examples of using image geotags: Picasa Web Albums and Flickr…then you can decide for yourself if image geotags are the next thing you’ll be staying up late for.

I’m looking for a picture…can you find it?

Have you ever looked for a few pictures on your computer but couldn’t find them? You were remembering something about those pictures but couldn’t really find them. This has happened to me many times before I started to organize my pictures using a structured approach. After I started applying the method I’m describing on this page I never asked this question again. In this article I will outline the key factors that contributed to this success.

When did I take that picture?

If you’re like most people, you would rely on your memory to figure out when you took a particular picture. Well, I think it was in June sometime because we went to the park that day and I remember those boats in the background. Ok…it’s a combination of some clues in the picture and your memory, but the latter being the definitive authority on remembering things.

2 Easy Steps for Finding and Organizing Lost Digital Photos

This article outlines the steps for identifying pictures that have been misplaced on your hard drive. Many times I get pictures through our emails or from the web. It happens very often that I place these pictures in My Documents just because I want to look at them quickly and I don’t want to file them in the proper folder. After a while however, I end up with quite a few pictures being “lost” in the wrong places. This article will help you find them and identify them so you can move them to the appropriate folders. It is assumed that you are able to see the Date Picture Taken in your file browser. If not read the article Find Your Digital Photos.

3 easy steps to optimize your pictures folders

This article will show you the basic steps necessary for setting up your folders so that you can see the most important information about your pictures. In particular the following steps outline the process necessary to add the Date Picture Taken field to the list of fields displayed by Windows in Windows Explorer.