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The good, the bad and the ugly of Apple’s iPhoto and Photo Stream

icon_iphotoThe Apple World Wide Developers Conference has come and gone. It was awesome! Lots of new and refreshed mobile products and laptops. In the midst of the presentation there were lots of things about updates to Mac OS including Photo Stream and iPhotos. Great things overall, but there is always one important assumption when using Apple software. Read on about the good, the bad and the ugly of Photo Stream and iPhotos.

4 Time-Tested Principles to Keep Media Collection Organized Forever

These days, with technology changing rapidly and digital cameras becoming more and more ubiquitous, it becomes very easy to be confused by so many voices when it comes to keeping your growing media collection organized. However, there are few principles that will help you stay on track and be able to grow and organize your media collection without worrying about the next new technology or next new program that claims to do it all for you. Read on about the principles that will help you keep media collection organized and protected from technology changes. Doing this will also help keep your sanity.

Understand and manage your hardware devices

With every complex project planning is essential to success. Organizing your pictures is a complex process, especially if there are lots of pictures and the current structure is chaotic. Therefore a good plan is essential to a good outcome when you embark on starting to organize your pictures. The first step in putting together a great plan is to understand your hardware components and their current purposes. Next you need to assess if some of your hardware devices need to be re-purposed. Read on to find out some easy questions to ask for determining where to start.

How to create a great plan for organizing your pictures

When I plan for road trip I usually know where I am and I know where I need to go. I also need a way of getting from where I am to where I need to be…I need a map. To get a map these days I look online for directions or I plug the destination in my GPS system which will create a map for me. It’s simple! However, when it comes to starting to organize your pictures there is lots of confusion about everything. People don’t know how to determine where they are and they don’t know where they are supposed to go. In addition there is a lot of confusion about the way to get to the destination as well. Read on to find out how to create an efficient plan for organizing your pictures.

How to Use Face Detection Efficiently in Picasa

Picasa has many practical features but one feature is ahead of its time: face detection. Google has a very practical purpose for using face detection in Picasa, but people are very divided over using this feature. It seems cool and futuristic, and it can work well on a reasonable amount of pictures, but for some people it is cumbersome to use and can slow down your computer. If you still use Picasa, read on to see how and when to use face detection efficiently.

Simple strategy for making your pictures memorable

What makes a picture memorable to you? I agree that knowing good photography techniques help photographers make memorable pictures for others…they are simply cool pictures. However, for most of us, photos become memorable because they contain people and places we love. These memorable pictures are surrounded by things that are meaningful to us and mostly meaningless to others. Preserving the circumstances of your pictures is what I call creating a meaningful image context. Read along to understand what it is and how to create meaningful context for all your images.

How to organize your pictures for the future

A wise reader has asked me a wise question recently. The question went like this: “How do I organize my pictures for the future? What can I do today so that the pictures I leave for may family will be accessible in the future by my children and grandchildren?” This question made me think and realize that leaving memories for those we love is very important. Actually this is one of the main reasons we take pictures I think. Spending some time to understand new technology and future trends is worthwhile for everyone. If we don’t then we might embrace some tech fad today that will be obsolete in a few years and then all the work done using this “very cool new thing” will be wasted. So, what do you do to organize your pictures for the future?

Simple steps for organizing your existing digital photo collection

I have written recently about the best hardware setup for your photo storage devices. But what do you do if you have multiple external hard drives full of duplicate pictures and your internal hard drives are also completely unorganized? Well, I have created a simple procedure or checklist that you can go through if you want to organize all your photo storage devices and eliminate all your duplicate images. It’s a tedious job with a great feeling of satisfaction at the end. So, read on to get started and organize your digital photo storage.

The best photo storage device configuration

When it comes to storing digital photos, people have many different configurations because there are many different purposes for storing digital photos. Most casual photographers have a simple setup for their hardware while professional photographers may have a very complex storage structure. Regardless of the configuration, a very important question should be answered by every photographer: How do you organize your photo storage devices? Read on to find out about my answer to this very important question.

8 Easy Steps to Eliminate Duplicate Photos

We take so many photos these days and we have so many ways to publish our pictures that we are bound to end up with duplicate photos. Modern photo editing software programs make it very easy to edit our photos but in the process we can create duplicates of our images. With so many photos it is very hard to remember what we do and this can bring confusion when we look at our photos on our computers. We can end up with lots of duplicate photos. Fortunately, I found a few simple steps to avoid and eliminate duplicate photos. Read on to find out how you can also avoid and eliminate duplicate photos on your computer.