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How to create a new folder in Picasa.

Picasa is becoming more and more popular with home photographers. It’s a great program, with great features which also happens to be completely free. However, one question keeps coming from Picasa users. This is by far the most frequent question about Picasa. This question is: “How do I create a new folder in Picasa?” Read on to find out.

How does Picasa handle folder changes done outside of Picasa

If you have been using Picasa for a while you have probably noticed that it scans your computer every time you add new pictures. Depending on how many pictures you have added, Picasa takes some time until you can access and modify the new pictures in Picasa. I have recently received a question from a reader asking if he has to reinstall Picasa if he changes the entire folder structure of his pictures collection. The answer is very simple, so read on to find out.

Do you have a good system for organizing your digital photos?

Over the years I read and studied pretty much every system available for organizing my digital media collection. However, because the systems I found were mainly targeted to professional photographers I realized they are too complex and I ended up creating my own system. I also answered criticism and sometimes I had to adjust my own system in response to good comments. During this quest for a simple and efficient system for organizing my digital photos, I kept asking myself one question: How do I know if my system is a good system? Read on to find out a few simple ways you can use to test your own system and see if it measures up to what it is supposed to be.

Best way to organize small children pictures

When our children are small we take lots and lots of pictures. I mean lots and lots and lots of pictures. The older our children get the less pictures we take of them. I think it all has to do with how cute they are…the smaller, the cuter and the more pictures we take of them. This large quantity of pictures can make organizing them pretty challenging. There is however, one simple trick that makes organizing children pictures much easier.

Simple steps for organizing your digital travel photos

Traveling is great! Taking photos while you travel is a must and it’s even cooler because you get to experience your trip over and over again by looking at your pictures. When we travel we take thousands of pictures and if I’m not careful, I’ll be lost trying to find them when we get home and remember where they were taken. So, I have devised a simple method to organize my travel photos while I travel so that when I get home I simply transfer the pictures to my desktop computer and that’s all I need to do. Read on to find out how I organize my travel pictures while traveling.

How to export your best pictures with Picasa

How often do you post images to Facebook? How about sending them by e-mail to your friends? Or maybe you want to publish pictures on the web. Regardless of your purpose, the ability to select your best pictures and export them in different formats for different purposes is crucial to any digital asset management tool. Picasa provides this functionality as well but has kept things simple which makes the whole process very fast. Combined with an intuitive way of selecting your best pictures, the export facility in Picasa makes it very fast and easy to select and send your best pictures. Read on to learn how to export your pictures with Picasa.

Transfer your pictures with Picasa in 3 simple steps

Besides being fast and easy to use, Picasa also can make your life easier when it comes to transferring your pictures from your camera to your computer. When setup correctly, Picasa can place your transferred pictures where you want them and also organize them how you want them. This can be a real time saver on such a repetitive and mundane task as transferring your digital pictures from your camera to computer. Read on to find out how to make transferring your pictures as painless as possible by configuring Picasa to help you.

How many pictures do you take in a year?

Have you every thought about how many pictures you take each month? How about each year? I have started in October 2009 to keep track of how many pictures and videos I was having on my computer. Now, it’s been a year since I started this simple exercise and it’s time to draw some conclusions. Read on to find out who many pictures and videos we took over last year.

How to choose the right software for organizing your pictures

I get asked pretty often what is the right software for organizing pictures. I usually answer with: it depends. It truly does depend. It depends on what you are are hoping to achieve. I tend to recommend free software first, depending how far the person has gone on the picture organization path. If specific commercial goals are in mind, then I recommend powerful commercial software that go beyond what a home user needs. So, what is the right software for organizing your pictures? Read on to find out how I think about this issue.

Is it a good idea to rename your image files?

When reading professional photographers blogs and websites I keep coming across this question: is it a good idea to rename your digital pictures files or leave them with the original file name assigned by the camera automatically? The question seems to be a subtle one and the apparent reason for the debate is not immediately obvious. In this article I will be focusing on clearing the issues and identifying the terms.

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