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What are iPhone Live Photos and Should You Use Them?

Since 2015, along with the release of the iPhone 6S, Apple introduced Live Photos as a major feature. Ever since its introduction, Live Photos has had a mixed audience, with many people liking iPhone Live Photos while others have figured out how to turn off Live Photos and never used them. In this article we will explore iPhone Live Photos and the pros and cons of using Live Photos on your iPhone.

The Ultimate Guide to Importing Photos with Lightroom

Lightroom thumbnailImporting photos with Adobe Lightroom looks frightening sometimes because of the intimidating import screen. Each section of the Lightroom Import screen is well laid out and easy to follow. Once you understand each section and the actions Lightroom can do for you, the entire photo importing process can be very much simplified for you. Read along to find out how to import your photos with Lightroom.

Easy Steps to Download Message Pictures to Your Phone

Getting text message pictures happens almost daily as our smartphones are always with us. We can take a look at these pictures with a simple tap and we can share them with our friends. While text message pictures are great for quickly sharing special moments, what do you do if you want to make sure you transfer your message photos to your computer? Or what if you wan to be able to save the message image into your phone’s photo collection? In other words, how do you get to use your text message photos? Read on to learn how to save your text message photos to your phone’s photo gallery.

5 Easy Steps to Transfer Photos from Phone to Computer

Transferring your photos from your phone to your computer should not be hard. However, with the additional complications of cloud backup and sync, things are not very straight forward. In addition, Android and iOS behave very differently which adds complexity as well. Read on to find out how to transfer your phone photos to your computer.

Prepare and Automate Your Digital Photo Transfer Process

Transferring digital photos seems like a very simple operation. Most photographers think that they just plug in their camera and then just transfer their pictures from their camera to their computer. However, they don’t know where the new photos are on their computer and they do not know how to find them. When they need to organize their digital pictures they are very confused and frustrated. Read on to find out a few simple steps to prepare and automate your transfer digital photos.

4 Time-Tested Principles to Keep Media Collection Organized Forever

These days, with technology changing rapidly and digital cameras becoming more and more ubiquitous, it becomes very easy to be confused by so many voices when it comes to keeping your growing media collection organized. However, there are few principles that will help you stay on track and be able to grow and organize your media collection without worrying about the next new technology or next new program that claims to do it all for you. Read on about the principles that will help you keep media collection organized and protected from technology changes. Doing this will also help keep your sanity.

8 Easy Steps to Eliminate Duplicate Photos

We take so many photos these days and we have so many ways to publish our pictures that we are bound to end up with duplicate photos. Modern photo editing software programs make it very easy to edit our photos but in the process we can create duplicates of our images. With so many photos it is very hard to remember what we do and this can bring confusion when we look at our photos on our computers. We can end up with lots of duplicate photos. Fortunately, I found a few simple steps to avoid and eliminate duplicate photos. Read on to find out how you can also avoid and eliminate duplicate photos on your computer.

FastStone Image Viewer provides a simple and efficient way to transfer pictures from your camera

Transferring your pictures from your camera to your computer is supposed to be a simple task. However, modern photo management software seems to overlook this very much needed function. Most photo management software provide one button that simply scans your camera or memory card and simply downloads the pictures to a folder you choose. Simple right? What else is there to worry about? Well, I believe that there are a few things that could make transferring your pictures a really simple task. Without these features you will find yourself repeating the same tasks over and over, instead of just using your software.

Transfer your pictures with Picasa in 3 simple steps

Besides being fast and easy to use, Picasa also can make your life easier when it comes to transferring your pictures from your camera to your computer. When setup correctly, Picasa can place your transferred pictures where you want them and also organize them how you want them. This can be a real time saver on such a repetitive and mundane task as transferring your digital pictures from your camera to computer. Read on to find out how to make transferring your pictures as painless as possible by configuring Picasa to help you.

Is it a good idea to rename your image files?

When reading professional photographers blogs and websites I keep coming across this question: is it a good idea to rename your digital pictures files or leave them with the original file name assigned by the camera automatically? The question seems to be a subtle one and the apparent reason for the debate is not immediately obvious. In this article I will be focusing on clearing the issues and identifying the terms.

Transfer your pictures efficiently in 6 easy steps

Usually transferring pictures is the simplest step of any photographer’s workflow. However, the results of transferring your pictures can affect your entire picture collection. There are some simple things that anyone can do to transfer their pictures in an efficient way. I can think of five things that proved to be very helpful over the years in the way I organize my photo collection on my computer.