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Tutorial 1 – Understand the issues

Why is organizing digital pictures so challenging and confusing ? Is there something fundamentally wrong with the way I’m organizing my pictures? Well, these might be some of the questions you may be asking yourself. This page is a shortcut to an important series of articles I have written. This series deals with explaining the fundamental issues that all digital photographers face when they try to organize their pictures. Well, read these articles to find out…and let me know what you think.

Tutorial 2 – Create the most efficient folder structure

Digital pictures organization should always start with creating an efficient folder structure. This way you start to clean up your computer and prepare the way for creating a backup plan for your pictures as well. Only after naming your folders properly you will see how easy it is to add new pictures to your computer without being overwhelmed.

Tutorial 3 – How to find your pictures

One of the most important reason to learn how to organize your digital pictures is to help yourself find the pictures you want quickly. Without a clear strategy to organize your pictures you can have very little success locating the pictures you want. However, once you have created an efficient folder structure for your pictures, you can simply use the Windows XP search utility to find what you’re looking for.

Tutorial 4 – Understand and manage image metadata

Image tags can be very powerful and they can help you add more precision to your organization structure. But how are iamge tags created and how are they being used by photo management software. It is crucial that you grasp these concepts before starting to use image keywords. This is a short but eye opening tutorial.

Tutorial 6 – Insert geotags in your pictures

Digital photography can use many other technologies to add more information to your pictures. One of these technologies is to use GPS information. GPS information is used everywhere, from map making to Mapquest and Google Maps. It has become fairly easy to insert GPS information into your digital pictures. Why would you do that? Well, so that your picture show up on a map. That’s cool!

Tutorial 7 – Create an efficient photography workflow

A photography workflow is the made of a sequence of steps that you make to get your pictures from your camera to the intended format. Whether it’s e-mail, the web or print, you go through a certain set of steps to create that format from your original pictures. This sequence of steps can be complicated or simple, it can be efficient or inefficient depending on many factors. If you would like to learn about creating an efficient photography workflow, read this tutorial.

Tutorial 8 – Backup your pictures

I keep running into people who tell me about loving to take pictures of their family. It’s great, we all love our digital cameras. We can take lots of pictures of our loved ones. But most of those people who love to take pictures never think what might happen when all those pictures they have taken disapper? What happens when your computer crashes and all your pictures are gone? Do you have a plan? You should! Read this tutorial to find out how to set up a simple but efficient backup plan for your digital pictures.

Tutorial 9 – Share your pictures online

Another great thing about digital photography is that once you shot a picture, you can produce many formats from the same picture. This makes it very easy to share your pictures online. There are a lot of options available and it’s hard to know what they all mean. This tutorial covers basic concepts and terms and gives you a clear picture of what it means to publish pictures online.

Tutorial 10 – How to make your images popular on the Internet

Search engine optimization has to do with making your website content popular on the Internet. This means pretty much that you have lots of visitors coming to your site. Most often your website traffic has to do with ranking well in search engine results. So, what can you do to optimize your photography website for search engines? Or in other words, how to do you make your pictures popular on the Internet?